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Base EXP Rate: x1000
Job EXP Rate: x1000
Quest EXP Rate: x1000
Item Drop Rate: 40%
Equip Drop Rate: 30%
Card Drop Rate: 10%
Other Information
Max Level: 255/90
Max ASPD: 194
Max Stats: 255
Max Zeny: 2b
Player Commands
@mobinfo / @mi
Official Server Features
Episode: 15.1
Transcendent Jobs
Functional Quests
Instance Dungeons
All MVP cards enabled
WoE, PvP, and Battlegrounds

Custom Server Features
Automated Events
Old Glastheim Instance
Equip enchantment system
Unique Castle economy system
Automated Guild of the Month
Unholy Path
NPC List
Job Changer
Dungeon Warper
Skill and Stat Resetter
Card Remover and more!
  • Kriemhild
    9pm-10pm Fri|Sat|Sun
  • Swanhild
    9pm-10pm Mon
  • Fadhgridh
    9pm-10pm Tue
  • Skoegul
    9pm-10pm Wed
  • Gondul
    9pm-10pm Thu